Channeling Spirit and having an Automatic Writing Experience

Spirit Writing, also known as Automatic Writing, is a form of conscious channeling. It is a combination of intuitive impressions experienced at the same time the hand is recording information.

Ruby offers two ways to have an automatic writing experience. First, she can be your medium, connecting with your spirit guides, channeling their energy, and writing their messages to you. Second, you can sign up for one of her classes to learn how to channel spiritual energy and have an automatic writing experience yourself. Whether you or Ruby acts as the medium, she can work with you to understand the messages received and written.

Do you ever find yourself wondering where you are in the grand scheme of life? What is the grand scheme anyway? What is your purpose? How can you feel more alive and with intention? YOU are so much MORE than you realize. Ruby taps into the Universal Energy and connects with your guides through the medium of Automatic Writing. Spiritual guides give you information about how to move forward in your life, and how to progress through self-limiting beliefs and old patterns. Ruby provides you with detailed information that expands the awareness of self.

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Benefits of Mentorship in a Spiritual Community

August 18th, 2021

Spiritual journeys are unique to the individual and inherently personal, but that doesn’t mean we have to travel alone. Having a guide and a supportive community alongside has many benefits. As a spirit writer based in Medicine Hat, AB, I help connect people with their spiritual guides through spirit writing, and can also help spiritual travellers find like-minded communities to be a part of.

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Hear what Clients have to say about Ruby

Ruby is an amazing and gifted healer. I have been consulting with her over the past five years, and have found her readings to be insightful and life changing. When all the voices in my head are clamouring noisily for my attention and I can’t hear my heart, a session with Ruby provides the space and clarity to truly hear my Soul speak. I am eternally grateful for her gift and connection, and the compassionate, loving wisdom with which it is delivered.

- Parri Ulrich Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Sooke, BC