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I recently read a little story where this beautiful woman was assured of Spirit and her Grandmother whenever she saw butterflies. This resonated so strongly with me.

Sometime ago my then partner and I had a discussion about Hummingbirds. A few weeks after his passing I was sitting in the very spot the discussion had taken place and this beautiful little Hummingbird appeared out of nowhere and hovered within arm’s reach of me. I knew in that moment that it was my partner and he was telling me everything was all right. Since then I know that whenever I see a Hummingbird it is my message from Spirit that everything is Okay, even when it doesn't feel that way.

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I have known Ruby both professionally and personally for many years and her guidance has been and is invaluable to me. Through her gift of Automatic Writing she is always able to bring clarity and confirmation to my immediate concerns and life circumstances. She delivers her messages in a kind and comprehensive way allowing you to easily understand and absorb the information she is relaying. It is nice to get beyond the noise and chaos of my busy brain and hear what my expanded guidance has to say. This allows me the opportunity to focus my thoughts, actions and decisions in a more firm direction; which always helps me in my life’s trajectory. I value authenticity and integrity above all else in any professional I consult with and especially those I recommend to others. You are not going to find anyone who fits that persona better than Ruby. She exemplifies these qualities and I highly recommend you allow yourself to experience her sessions as personal gift to you!

- Tanis McRae ~ Intuitive Teacher/ Author/Speaker, Grande Prairie AB