How Spirit Writing Can Help with Depression

February 5th 2021

My name is Ruby Tunke and I’m a Spirit Writer based in Medicine Hat, Alberta. If you’ve never heard of Spirit Writing I would describe it as like journaling. Similar, but different. Both are writing exercises that can help us deal with experiences in our lives, answer questions we’ve been asking ourselves, and facilitate inner growth. But Spirit Writing, also known as Automatic Writing, goes deeper and can open you to your intuition and assist you in creating a more joyful, peaceful life. It can even help you when you are seized with bouts of depression.


If you’ve never done any writing exercises before, perhaps journaling would be a good place to start. Regular practice can boost your mood, improve your memory, and enhance your sense of well-being. All these things together can help to alleviate symptoms of depression and positively affect your mental health. Journaling allows you to release negative emotions that are stuck within you and learn to embrace a more positive mindset. To experience the positive results, though, it cannot be a one-time thing. It must be a regular practice. Here are a few tips to encourage success.


·        Write in a private space free from distractions.

·        Write every day.

·        Give yourself the gift of time. Telling yourself you have five minutes to journal will add unnecessary pressure. Allow yourself to ease into the act of writing and letting go.

·        Don’t feel obligated to write about a certain subject. Let the words flow naturally.


Once you’ve become more comfortable putting pen to paper you are ready to explore Automatic Writing, which is a form of channelling that creates a connection between the physical and the non-physical realms. Automatic writing is often used in conjunction with conscious channelling and can be described as opening a bridge between the physical and non-physical. It can be practiced by anyone no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. But how to start, you ask?


·        First, create space.

·        Set your intention. If you’re struggling with depression, here is where you ask for help.

·        Put pen to paper.

·        Relax and allow it to flow.


Allow yourself the room to expand your consciousness. Ask for guidance and the ability to be the best channel possible. Clear out thoughts or beliefs that aren’t serving you. Attempt to relax your mind through meditation, an act that quiets your mind so that your guides, or higher selves, can come through. This is opening yourself up to work as a channel. Don’t worry if judgments pop up. That’s natural. Just continue to write down whatever flows through you and soon enough you won’t know anymore if your thoughts are dictating your writing or your writing is dictating your thoughts. Don’t bother reading or thinking about what you’re writing as you go. Just let the words flow until you feel you’re done and then go over what you’ve written. Now, if you have a moment to write down your feelings about the automatic writing you produced it will aid you in exiting the experience serenely until the next time you put pen to paper.


With practice, you will gain guidance from your higher self and find increased clarity in your life. This will in turn help you feel supported and understood and will sharpen your intuitive abilities. Spirt with Spirit Writing can be a positive tool to help depression, but it is not easy. Don’t let yourself get frustrated. Be patient with yourself and reach out to me if you’re looking for guidance. Read more here and to learn how to Spirit Write, sign up for my “Writing with Ruby” course. Together we will channel Spirit through the written word.


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Hear what Clients have to say about Ruby

Ruby Tunke can be described in one word. Ok, make that two words: Life Changing. The first time I met Ruby was a random event. Ok - now I have learnt there are no such things as random events, everything is a part of the big master plan. Our creator decided that I was going to meet her and I decided to make it difficult and tried really hard to avoid everything to do with what she did. I did that because I was very afraid of what she might say or not say that could effect me. After hitting some very hard road blocks in my personal and professional life, I decided to take a chance on spirit writing. As you can imagine, I was extremely nervous and somewhat embarrassed that I was doing something so out of the ordinary and couldn’t believe what I stepped into from an ego stand point, only to find that my first hour with her blew my mind and eventually every thing she said to me had come true, word for word. I walked in her office with an enormous ego and walked out with a completely new view, on pretty much everything. Since that first day several years ago, I have been back to Ruby for her expertise and uncanny love and support for not just personal issues, but business guidance as well. I can'’t imagine what my life would still look like had I never met Ruby, all I can say to you is this is it. Game changer - right here.

Thank you Ruby for showing up in my life when I needed you the most. You were the first to find me and I consider myself to be very lucky to know you.

Tryna Gower - Studio TGP