Getting To The Root

September 20th 2015

Many of us are feeling a density or heaviness intermingled with a lightness or joy. This manifestation is felt mainly in the chest area.

Imagine a garden full of root vegetables all sprouted from a seed bed. Now imagine as we pull these vegetables from the ground and disturb their seed beds.

This is occurring here and now in our fields of consciousness.

Our fields of consciousness be the seed bed for the roots of our beliefs and this is being disturbed then cultivated in a manner that opens us to new ways of identifying who we be; new ways of knowing God, new ways of living, thinking, Being.

Even the densest of life forms is feeling this as collectively we move from one base of operation to another, one form of existence to another. From EGO to ESSENCE in our ever changing evolutionary trajectory,

Our fields of consciousness are being disturbed so that we may find it easier to identify and let go of those beliefs which no longer serve us.

It is much like loosening the soil with a fork or spade when you dig up potatoes, carrots etc. you pull these vegetables from their seed beds because they are no longer viable in their current environment. They will not survive the coming season.

At whatever level we are experiencing this disturbance in our field of consciousness we are encouraged to Nourish and Excercise our Physical body, Feed our Spiritual body, Hear and Acknowledge (not necessarily obey) our Emotional body while we get to the root of it all.

Lots of love,


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Hear what Clients have to say about Ruby

Ruby Tunke can be described in one word. Ok, make that two words: Life Changing. The first time I met Ruby was a random event. Ok - now I have learnt there are no such things as random events, everything is a part of the big master plan. Our creator decided that I was going to meet her and I decided to make it difficult and tried really hard to avoid everything to do with what she did. I did that because I was very afraid of what she might say or not say that could effect me. After hitting some very hard road blocks in my personal and professional life, I decided to take a chance on spirit writing. As you can imagine, I was extremely nervous and somewhat embarrassed that I was doing something so out of the ordinary and couldn’t believe what I stepped into from an ego stand point, only to find that my first hour with her blew my mind and eventually every thing she said to me had come true, word for word. I walked in her office with an enormous ego and walked out with a completely new view, on pretty much everything. Since that first day several years ago, I have been back to Ruby for her expertise and uncanny love and support for not just personal issues, but business guidance as well. I can'’t imagine what my life would still look like had I never met Ruby, all I can say to you is this is it. Game changer - right here.

Thank you Ruby for showing up in my life when I needed you the most. You were the first to find me and I consider myself to be very lucky to know you.

Tryna Gower - Studio TGP