How Can Ruby’s Spiritual Writing Services Help You?

Ruby's spiritual writing services take you on a journey of self. She is able to guide you from where you are currently onto a path that leads you to a more expansive version of you. Ruby shares great insights into your life that open you to a clearer understanding of who you are. Great wisdom is channelled and explained by Ruby in an ABC manner that you can relate to and apply in your life. Many clients report that clarity is received during their sessions.

Spiritual Writing Services

Spiritual writing appointments with Ruby are approximately an hour in length and are meant to be joyfully experienced so please make sure you are comfortable (i.e. tea, kleenex) Sessions are remotely facilitated which means that you are participating from the comfort of your home and Ruby is in the comfort of her office. Distance is a manmade illusion and has no impact upon the reading.

The session fee is $150.00 plus GST and includes a CD or digital copy of your time. We suggest using a phone with speakerphone capabilities for your comfort.

For those of you who do not wish to have a full session or are looking for immediate help with a question you may be struggling with, Ruby offers Ask A Question.

Just email Ruby your query. Please include your full name and a contact number. The fee for Ask A Question is $70.00 plus GST. Ruby will call to assist you with payment information. A detailed response will be sent back to you in 1 to 3 days.

Ruby ushers in an expansive high frequency energy wherever she focuses. This energy, a powerful unseen force that assists in whichever way necessary, is made available to expand your consciousness. Great and powerful transformations are thus experienced. Imagine a map showing not only your current location but also directions to get you anywhere you desire to be. How empowering!

Ruby helps you open to the you that is the most powerful version of yourself you’ve ever dreamt of.

To book a session with Ruby please contact her at
P: 780-518-1406

Hear what Clients have to say about Ruby

While visiting Alberta from Ontario I was told I had to meet this amazing woman Ruby. Her connection with her guides was immediate and through them she was able to answer my questions, as well as give me additional insights. I continued to receive assistance from her as my own intuition developed, sometimes traveling several hours to see her. Phone conferences make connecting much easier.

- C. Walton, Barrie, ON