Can Skeptics Benefit from Spirit Writing?

October 15th 2021

Yes, skeptics can and will benefit from Spirit Writing. As an experienced, long time Spirit Writer, I help guide clients to open up their own intuition and increase the joy in their lives. Although I’m based in Medicine Hat, I put my abilities to use for the benefit of clients from all around the world.

Spirit Writing, or Automatic Writing, comes from inside of you, not from a supernatural source. It allows you to go beyond your conditioned mind into your unconditional mind. Automatic Writing simply helps you receive information without first filtering it through your conditioned mind, and therefore, constraints like skepticism and inhibitions fall away as you relax and allow your mind to open.

Spirit Writing channels information/wisdom that is held within the highest energetic form of our Being. BEING means the us that is beyond the conditioned mind and physical body. It is unaffected by the conditioning of our mind while in Human form.

Information that is channeled is beneficial to our personal growth and Human evolution because it is not filtered through the many layers of conditioning. The conditioned mind has many filters; some of these are fear of the unknown, library of past experiences, survival of ego. These filters have the ability to alter the channeled information but NOT until AFTER the information is received. The channeled information/wisdom is completely unaffected by whether the recipient is a skeptic. The information comes from beyond the conditioned mind. The conditioned mind is where the ability to be skeptic arises and resides. The capabilities of our unconditional minds are limitless.

Often when we have painful experiences we’re working through, we put up invisible guards and have a hard time trusting in others – or ourselves. This protective barrier often leads to a skeptical, negative approach to life, resulting in more pain. Spirit Writing promotes healing and positivity, so by breaking down the barrier of skepticism, writers can experience profound positive changes in their lives.

The most important part of attempting Spirit Writing is allowing yourself to experience a relaxed state of consciousness. Entering that relaxed, trance-like state may not happen right away, but with practice, time and commitment, the benefits will begin to emerge. Deep, cleansing breaths, a quiet, comfortable space and an open mind will all help spur the process.

Exploring Spirit Writing can be undertaken on your own, but the learning process may feel smoother and more productive with the help of a guide. I have over 30 years of experience and love sharing my passion and skills with others. Getting a few friends together to investigate Spirit Writing is fun and beneficial. I currently offer my Courses through Zoom on an as needed basis.

Once you get the hang of it, you will undoubtedly experience increased clarity of purpose, a creative boost and find new inspiration in your life. It is an excellent way to find answers to the questions that plague you and explore the hidden depths of your BEING. Your subconscious knows exactly what to write, so relax, set your inhibitions aside, and let it happen.

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Hear what Clients have to say about Ruby

Ruby is an amazing and gifted healer. I have been consulting with her over the past five years, and have found her readings to be insightful and life changing. When all the voices in my head are clamouring noisily for my attention and I can’t hear my heart, a session with Ruby provides the space and clarity to truly hear my Soul speak. I am eternally grateful for her gift and connection, and the compassionate, loving wisdom with which it is delivered.

- Parri Ulrich Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Sooke, BC