What Intuitive Abilities Does Ruby Use

December 18th 2018

Ruby Tunke is a Spirit Writer and Psychic located in Medicine Hat, Alberta who facilitates empowering sessions by phone with clients in locations from Calgary to Toronto and beyond!  By channeling communications from your Spiritual Guides into the written word and sharing with you, Ruby gently expands your self-awareness and connects you with your greater purpose in life. One of Ruby’s frequently asked questions is about what intuitive abilities she uses. Ruby explains the answer to this question below!

I connect with your energy initially through the modality of Automatic Writing (Spirit Writing). This opens the pathways for conscious channeling. I am what is known as a Conscious Channeler and Psychic. Depending upon the life area your guides wish to focus on, I will align with that area e.g. emotional, environment, relationship… there is no limitation. I will only be given that which will assist you in that area. It DOES NOT mean that everything in your life is an open book to me, as that would not serve you or me.

I use a number of intuitive senses and psychic abilities. The more common senses I use are Clairsentience (clear feeling),Claircognizance (clear knowing),Clairaudience (clear hearing),Clairempathy (clear emotional feeling),Clairtangency (clear touching). Less common senses I use are Clairsalience (clear smelling) and Clairgustance (clear tasting). I also use Mediumship abilities when it serves you for me to do so.

If you would like to book a session or find out more about Ruby’s services, courses, and books/writings, please connect by phone or email. Also, be sure to check out Ruby Tunke on Facebook! Many Blessings.

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Hear what Clients have to say about Ruby

Ruby is an amazing and gifted healer. I have been consulting with her over the past five years, and have found her readings to be insightful and life changing. When all the voices in my head are clamouring noisily for my attention and I can’t hear my heart, a session with Ruby provides the space and clarity to truly hear my Soul speak. I am eternally grateful for her gift and connection, and the compassionate, loving wisdom with which it is delivered.

- Parri Ulrich Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Sooke, BC