What Part of a Reading Do You Enjoy the Most?

June 11th 2019

Ruby Tunke is a spirit writer in Medicine Hat who provides guidance in learning the skill of automatic writing and personal channeling sessions to help you find inspiration and wisdom in your difficult choices and complicated paths in life. Whether you're looking for a spirit writer in Halifax, Lethbridge, or anywhere else check out her 4-part video series where she explains and demonstrates a spirit writing session. You will soon realize that she has a gift for connecting to Spirit Guides!

A question that Ruby hears often from clients is what part of her psychic readings she enjoys the most. Before answering that question, let’s take a look at how a reading, or channeling session, usually works.

How a Spirit Channeling Sessions Works

In a channeling session with Ruby, there are two main components. The first part is an “alignment of energy”. This section of the session is a time for you to “tune up” spiritually and align yourself with your Spirit Guides. Any blocks in your energy field are gently opened so that you are ready to receive completely.

The second component of the session is the “channeling of information to assist you”. During this time personal insights and self awareness will be shared with you. This is the time when Ruby sees the most amazing transformations happen for her clients.

Whether your session with Ruby is in person or in your own home through a phone call or Zoom, the process is the same. So what’s the best part?

Ruby’s Favourite Part of a Reading Session

Ruby says that the answer to that is “a tough one” since she enjoys every part. She continues “I enjoy every bit of a reading. Sometimes I get to sit in the energetic brilliance of Who you are and wish I could somehow share that with you right in that moment. I’m sure there’s a way……”

Along with enjoying every part of a reading, Ruby talks about what aspect of a reading that she is the most grateful for. “The aspect of a reading I’m most grateful for is as a result of you sharing your experiences (psychically…if that’s a word) with me I no longer have to go out and personally create that experience as I’ve already been gifted the awareness of it through you. I’m then free to create some new experiences in my life. Thank you.”

By being with you during a reading, Ruby gets the privilege of sharing in your greatest moments.

Ruby would be grateful to meet you and help you to connect with your own Spirit Guides. The beauty of spirit reading and automatic writing is that spirit is not constrained to geography, so no matter where you live, Ruby is able to use the phone or a Zoom meeting to meet with you. This means you get the comfort of being in your own home – and comfort is a valuable part of the process.

Whether you’re in Medicine Hat, Alberta or anywhere else in the world, reach out to Ruby to meet her and set up a session together. As you learn to connect with your Guides, you will take invaluable steps towards becoming “the most powerful version of yourself you’ve ever dreamt of”. You can also read more answers to some of Ruby’s Frequently Asked Questions or find out what she’s working on at Ruby’s Writings. She looks forward to hearing from you!

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Hear what Clients have to say about Ruby

Ruby is an amazing and gifted healer. I have been consulting with her over the past five years, and have found her readings to be insightful and life changing. When all the voices in my head are clamouring noisily for my attention and I can’t hear my heart, a session with Ruby provides the space and clarity to truly hear my Soul speak. I am eternally grateful for her gift and connection, and the compassionate, loving wisdom with which it is delivered.

- Parri Ulrich Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Sooke, BC