Why can't I see what a psychic sees?

December 11th 2020

Although I am based in Medicine Hat, as a spiritual and automatic writer I have been building connections across Canada and the World— from Montreal to Calgary — from California to Mexico by guiding my clients’ lives through our sessions. Whether it is by phone or Zoom, my spirit reading sessions can be done in the comfort of your home, no matter where you are.

For over three decades, I have been putting my abilities to use with clients from all around the world. Being a spirited writer, I also practice automatic writing, which is a method of conscious psychic channelling that helps me record information gathered while absorbing intuitive impressions.

No matter where I focus, I use expansive high-frequency energy, which is a powerful unseen force that helps in whatever means necessary and is meant to expand your consciousness.

With my extensive knowledge and experience, I often get asked “why can’t I see what a psychic sees?” but there is no specific reason as to why you cannot.

A lot of people can have psychic insight but may not recognize or know how to translate what they see. Additionally, the language of the inner sense is all about imagery and what you feel and sense. In a word, it is like learning a foreign language, which requires patience, study, and practice.

 Most people are born with a natural psychic aptitude. These abilities do not fade if they are not used however, they do not evolve beyond basic instinct.  The more you practice, the better your skills become. 

Another question that pops up a lot is if psychics are more spiritually advanced than other people, and the answer is similar — not necessarily! 

While a psychic ability requires the understanding and application of certain metaphysical laws, advanced spirituality is not necessarily a requirement. When you speak to a psychic, you will find most of us are interesting, compassionate, and ethical people with a spiritual approach to life — but not always! Psychics are people, too, and face all the same life challenges that everyone else does.

When you are talking to a psychic you must not turn off your discernment.  A Spirit Reading or Session could be described as calling on God or the Universe to lead or give direction on a matter via the Psychic.  Spiritual discernment is being in awareness of how your body is responding to the information.  Often there will be a resonance/alignment between yourself and the information given.  It will feel joyful and expansive and may be accompanied by an internal vibration within your body as a knowing is triggered.

If you are looking to expand your psychic abilities, I offer two courses: Channeling Divinity and Writing with Ruby, where you can discover how automatic writing can open your intuitions and help you live a more joyful, peaceful life. 

You can take these courses online straight from the comfort of your home. I use video chat and Zoom so you can stay comfortable during our sessions together.


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Hear what Clients have to say about Ruby

Ruby is an amazing and gifted healer. I have been consulting with her over the past five years, and have found her readings to be insightful and life changing. When all the voices in my head are clamouring noisily for my attention and I can’t hear my heart, a session with Ruby provides the space and clarity to truly hear my Soul speak. I am eternally grateful for her gift and connection, and the compassionate, loving wisdom with which it is delivered.

- Parri Ulrich Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Sooke, BC